Dental hygiene

Nowadays, dental hygiene is an integral part of the care of your teeth. It is one of the pillars of prevention of the most common diseases of the hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity and a method of treatment of already ongoing diseases - gingivitis and periodontitis. Removal of tartar, plaque, or ultrasonic, hand-held or airflow pigmentation, subsequent depuration and polish of the tooth surface will allow you to properly and efficiently perform your home care. Part of the treatment may also be local fluoridation of the surface of the teeth in order to increase their resistance, or the use and recommendation of other chemicals for the treatment or prevention of gum inflammation. The hygienist will also help you with selecting personal hygiene aids and explain the correct technique for using them. At your wishes and on the advice of your dentist, you can also brush your teeth either directly in the office or using the so-called home bleaching to get you home.

Regular preventive examinations with your dentist, professional dental hygiene and your personal everyday, systematic, effective home care are the best way to healthy teeth and gums.