Preventive inspection

The new patient is first ordered for an initial examination. During the first visit, we will examine the condition of your oral cavity, teeth, and periodontium. X-rays are taken during the examination. The most common pathological phenomenon in dental surgery is tooth decay. Early diagnosis is crucial for the proliferation of caries and subsequent rehabilitation. The detection of demineralised enamel in approximate spaces is possible only with the X-ray image in the beginning of the carious process. Also, secondary deviations are mostly unrecognizable without image. Tooth decay appears on the diagnostic image as a darker shadow just because of demineralisation of the dental tissue.

On the basis of the findings, we suggest the most appropriate treatment procedure, the treatment timetable and the indicative price calculation. Then we proceed according to the agreed treatment plan. In our patients we recommend checking every 6 months and we will place you in our recall program upon request.